Date: February 1, 1973

Time: 6:51 pm – 6:55 pm

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Ronald L. Ziegler.

[See Conversation No. 409-5]

The President’s schedule

-Meeting with Henry A. Kissinger

-Meeting with George P. Shultz and Edward R. G. Heath




Tape Subject Log

(rev. Aug.-08)

Television coverage of prayer breakfast

-American Broadcasting Company [ABC]

-National Broadcasting Company [NBC]

-Columbia Broadcasting System [CBS]

Television coverage of Heath’s arrival

[A transcript of the following portion of this conversation was prepared under court order in

1980, for S.A. 11, A. Ernest Fitzgerald vs. Alexander, et al., No. 74-178 (D.D.C)]

Kissinger’s interview with Marvin L. Kalb

-Ziegler’s view

-Barbara Walters

-Interview with Kissinger