Date: May 1, 1973

Time: 6:29 pm – 6:32 pm

Location: Executive Office Building

The President met with Ronald L. Ziegler.

Ziegler’s schedule

-American Society of Newspaper Editors [ASNE] event

Ziegler’s press briefing

-Donald H. Rumsfeld

-Hugh Scott’s statement

-President’s previous Cabinet meeting



Tape Subject Log

(rev. November-2012)

-White House staff

-Roy L. Ash

-Leonard Garment

-Kenneth R. Cole

-H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman

An unknown person entered at an unknown time after 6:29 pm.

President’s schedule

-Ash’s arrival

The unknown person left at an unknown time before 6:32 pm.

Ziegler’s press briefing

-White House staff

-President’s previous Cabinet meeting

Leak regarding Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] agents outside offices


-President’s reaction


Ziegler left at 6:32 pm.