Date: March 30, 1973

Time: 8:42 am-8:50 am

Location: White House Telephone

The President talked with Patrick J. Buchanan.

[See also Conversation No. 890-3]

President’s March 29 speech

-President’s talk with Rose Mary Woods

-Buchanan’s schedule

-Russian art exhibit

-Shelley A. (Scarney) Buchanan

-Preparation by President



-Troop withdrawal



-President’s opponents


-Prisoners of war [POWs]


-News stories

-President’s warning to North Vietnam

-Meat price ceiling


-News summary

-Col. Robinson Risner

-Meeting with President




Tape Subject Log

(rev. Mar.-09)

-Troop withdrawal


-President’s preparation of speech

-Bombing of Cambodia, Laos, Ho Chi Minh trail

-Defense budget cuts

-Laos and Cambodia

-Troop withdrawal


-Ho Chi Minh trail

-Public confidence

-Peace agreement

-South Vietnam


-December 1972 bombing

-Chicago Tribune


-William J. Baroody group


-“Buck stops here”


-Popular will

-Arms control

-Public confidence


-People’s Republic of China [PRC]

-Soviet Union


-Possible statement

-White House staff involvement