Date: May 10, 1973

Time: 6:40 pm – 6:48 pm

Location: White House Telephone

Alexander M. Haig, Jr. talked with the President.

Congressional relations

-President’s telephone call to William E. Timmons

-Legislation in House of Representatives

-Effect of vote

-Damage limitation

-Timmons’s role


-State Department, Defense Department


-Haig’s meeting with Hugh Scott and Gerald R. Ford

-Effect of legislative setback

-North Vietnam



-Defense Department

-Drafting of legislation


-Office of Management and Budget [OMB]



Tape Subject Log

(rev. October-2012)

-House Republicans




-Timmons’s office


-[First name unknown] Saunders

-Defense Department

-J. Fred Buzhardt, Jr.

President’s schedule

-Henry A. Kissinger

Kissinger’s forthcoming meeting with Haig

-Work with John B. Connally

-Foreign Policy

Cabinet meeting, May 10, 1973


Connally’s schedule

-Lawrence M. Higby [?]

-Work for White House

-Kissinger briefing

President’s situation

-Press reaction

-Haig’s meeting with press

-Cabinet meeting

-Appointments of Dr. James R. Schlesinger and William E. Colby