Date: May 16, 1973

Time: Unknown between 4:57 pm and 9:33 pm

Location: White House Telephone

J. Fred Buzhardt talked with the White House operator.

Telephone call to Robert C. Mardian

The operator placed the call on hold at an unknown time after 4:57 pm.

[No conversation]



Tape Subject Log

(rev. January-2011)

Buzhardt talked with Robert C. Mardian at an unknown time after 4:57 pm.

Buzhardt’s position in White House

-Special Counsel to the President


-John W. Dean, III’s documents


-Domestic intelligence


-Tom C. Huston’s role

-Dean’s role

-Mardian’s role

-Mardian’s interagency committee

-Role and function


-John D. Ehrlichman and President


-Former Washington, D.C. judge


-Bernie Welles

-Role and function

-Mardian’s role

-Dean’s relationship with Welles

-Role and function

-J. Edgar Hoover

-Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] entries


-Conversation with James McGrath

-G[eorge] Gordon Liddy’s statement concerning Pentagon Papers