Date: July 1, 1972

Time: Unknown between 10:04 am and 11:05 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Stephen B. Bull.

The President’s schedule


-Photograph session

-Earlier meeting

-James H. Falk

The President met with Tim Burke, Larry Allen, James Hester, Tillie Barela, Jo Ann Cullen,

Marsha Bowen, Falk, William F. Rhatican, and Neal Ball. The White House photographer and

members of the press were present at the beginning of the meeting.


-Kansas City

Arrangements for photograph session

[Photograph session]

-Tricia Nixon Cox and Julie Nixon Eisenhower

-Edward R.F. Cox

Signing of 26th Amendment


Tour of White House

-Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s schedule

-White House Tour office

-Soviet gifts to the President

-Leonid I. Brezhnev

Presentation of gifts by the President

-Tie bar



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct-06)

-Presidential seal

-Presidential seal



Tour of White House

-Cabinet Room

The President’s schedule

Future Homemakers Convention July 10-14, 1972

-Los Angeles

-Julie Nixon Eisenhower

-Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

-[Dwight] David Eisenhower, II



-H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman

Fourth of July wishes

Burke et al., except Bull left at 11:02 am.

Future Homemakers Convention

-Julie Nixon Eisenhower

-Los Angeles

-Thelma C. (“Pat”) Nixon

-Tricia Nixon Cox

Bull left at an unknown time before 11:03 am.