Date: July 25, 1972

Time: 8:40 am – 8:45 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with John D. Ehrlichman.

The President’s schedule

-John H. Conolly

-National Legislative Conference

-[Sam Massell], Gladys Spellman, Louie Welch, Conolly


1972 campaign

-Joseph Alioto

-Conversation with people at the Economic Development Administration


-George S. McGovern


-Richard J. Daley

-Views of Robert A. Podesta and Richard L. Sinnott

-Frank L. Rizzo


-San Francisco

-Compared to Chicago

-Legal actions



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct-06)


-John N. Mitchell

The President’s schedule

-Forthcoming meeting

-Revenue sharing

-Russell B. Long’s views


-The President’s possible comments

-Need for latitude


McGovern organization

-Kenneth A. Gibson

-Democratic National Convention

-Rules Committee


-Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy

The President’s schedule

-Forthcoming meeting


-Prepared remarks


-National Association of Counties

-Meeting about federal law enforcement against drug abuse, July 24, 1972

-Television coverage

The President and Ehrlichman left at 8:45 am.