Date: August 11, 1972

Time: Unknown between 9:28 am and 9:35 am

Location: Oval Office

Alexander P. Butterfield met with Stephen B. Bull.

The President’s schedule

-Possible meeting with Henry A. Kissinger

-Butterfield’s role in planning the schedule

The President entered at an unknown time after 9:28 am.

The President’s schedule

-Kissinger’s schedule

-Meeting with unknown Senator

Bull left at an unknown time before 9:35 am.



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Nov-03)

The President’s schedule

-Activities for the following week

-Possible meeting with the Committee on the Aging

-Possible meeting with Daniel P. (“Pat”) Moynihan

-Possible meeting with Clark MacGregor and John N. Mitchell

-H.R. (“Bob”) Haldeman

-Possible meeting with unknown person

-The President’s previous trip to Ireland

-White House tour

-Possible Council on International Economic Policy [CIEP] Executive

Committee meeting

-Atomic Energy Commission [AEC]

-Possible meeting with Ronald W. Reagan

-Republican National Convention

-Alexander M. Haig, Jr.



-Possible meeting with Joseph T. DeSilva

-Retail clerks union

-Possible meeting with White House summer interns

-Meeting with MacGregor


-The President’s desire for an open schedule

-Meeting with Moynihan

-Meeting with DeSilva

-Meeting with MacGregor

-Meeting with DeSilva

-Republican National Convention

-San Clemente, California

-Forthcoming meeting with Deborah (Murray) Sloan

-Lucy A. Winchester



-Possible meeting with White House interns

Butterfield left at an unknown time before 9:35 am.