Date: September 21, 1972

Time: 10:50 am � unknown before 11:00 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Alexander P. Butterfield.

The President’s schedule

-Signing ceremony for House Resolution [HR] 2

-F. Edward H�bert

-William E. Timmons

-Butterfield’s health

-Guest list

-George P. Shultz request for meeting with Milton Friedman

-Treasury Department

-The President’s preparation for trip to Texas

-Rev. Leon H. Sullivan’s television show

-October 11, 1972

-Waldorf-Astoria Hotel


-Harry L. (“Bing”) Crosby

-Leslie T. (“Bob”) Hope

-Sammy Davis, Jr.

-Film clip of the President’s statement on administration support of

minority employment and self-help programs



-International Monetary Fund [IMF] speech

-Salute in New York City

-Los Angeles dinner

-Address of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel dinner

-Bobby Fischer

-Henry A. Kissinger

-Guest lists

The conversation was cut off at an unknown time before 11:00 am.



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