Date: September 25, 1972

Time: 11:49 am – 11:58 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Michael N. Spirtos, William P. Tsaffaras, William G. Chirgotis, Gustav

Coffinas, George J. Leber, Thomas C. Korologos, S. Steven Karalekas. Stephen B. Bull and the

White House photographer were present at the beginning of the meeting.

Greetings and introductions


-New Jersey

-Brooklyn, New York

Photograph session

-Oliver F. (“Ollie”) Atkins

-Photograph copies

Presentation of medal to the President

-50th Anniversary of Order of American Hellenic Educational Progressive

Association [AHEPA]

-Greek backgrounds

-Vice President Spiro T. Agnew

-White House staff

-Korologos, Karalekas

Greek names

Polish names

Display of medal



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Nov-03)

-Presidential library

World War I

-Winston S. Churchill





-The President’s 1947 trip

-Communist insurgency

-King of Greece [George II]

-Greece-Turkey aid bill

-Grand Bretagne hotel

-State Department official’s prediction


Silver medal presentations

-Korologos, [Keralekas]

William P. Rogers schedule

-Previous meeting with AHEPA

Presentation of gifts by the President

-Cuff links

-Presidential seal


AHEPA headquarters

-Washington, DC

-K Street

1972 campaign

Spirtos et al. left at 11:58 am.