Date: September 29, 1972

Time: Unknown between 10:54 am and 11:07 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Alexander P. Butterfield.



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Nov-03)

The President’s schedule

-Forthcoming meeting with Sir Alexander F. Douglas-Home

-George R.S. Baring [Earl of Cromer]

-Possible attendance

-Topics of discussion

Stephen B. Bull entered at an unknown time after 10:54 am.

H.R. (“Bob”) Haldeman’s schedule

-John D. Ehrlichman

The President’s schedule

-Forthcoming trip to Atlanta

-Timing for return

-Possible meeting with Dr. W. Kenneth Riland

Butterfield left at 10:56 am.

Ronald L. Ziegler’s schedule

The President’s schedule

-Arthur F. Burns

-Previous telephone call to the President

-The President’s previous speech to the

International Monetary Fund [IMF]

-Peter M. Flanigan

-Forthcoming trip to India

-Ziegler’s schedule

Bull left at an unknown time before 11:07 am.