Date: October 14, 1972

Time: 11:19 am – 11:31 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Henry A. Kissinger.

The President talked with H.R. (“Bob”) Haldeman at an unknown time between 11:19 am and

11:31 am.

[Conversation No. 798-12A]

The President’s schedule

-Meeting with Soviet official [Timofey B. Guzhenko]

-Meeting with Raymond K. Price, Jr.

-Education speech


-John D. Ehrlichman

-Charles W. Colson

[End of telephone conversation]

Vietnam negotiations

-Le Duc Tho



-Airport attaché channel

-State Department

-Central Intelligence Agency [CIA]

-Democratic Republic of Vietnam [DRV]

-Return of prisoners held in South Vietnam

-Nguyen Van Thieu



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Nov-03)

-Xuan Thuy

-North Vietnam

-Relations with US

-A “new era” in relations

-Kissinger’s response

-Prisoner release

-National Council of National Reconciliation and Concord


-Possible action

-Criminal sentences

-Possible civilian bloodshed

-Settlement announcement

-Kissinger’s Schedule



-1972 election

-Settlement provisions

-Cambodia and Laos

-Recognition of independence

-Foreign bases

-Military activities

-Troops, advisors, military personnel


-Continuation of war

-Thieu’s objection statement

-North Vietnam

-Possible status at the end of 1973


-Prisoners of War [POW’s] bombing

-Need for supplemental aid from Congress


-Economic, military, moral support by US



-US public support


-Communist government in South Vietnam

-Ellsworth F. Bunker

Stephen B. Bull entered at an unknown time after 11:19 am.

The President’s schedule



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Nov-03)


-Peter G. Peterson

-Photograph opportunity

-Peter M. Flanigan

Bull left at an unknown time before 11:31 am.

-US-Soviet Union maritime agreement

Vietnam negotiations


-Political implications in US

-1972 election

-Economic and military assistance

-League of American Families



-Kitty Hawk

-Race riot

-Thailand bases

-Meeting with the President

-San Clemente

-Mrs. Thieu


-Casa Pacifica

Kissinger’s schedule

-Anatoliy F. Dobrynin’s message for the President

Kissinger left at 11:31 am.