Date: January 2, 1973

Time: Between 11:50 am and 12:00 pm

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Stephen B. Bull.

Harry S. Truman’s memorial service

-Future receptions

-National Security Council [NSC]

-Foreign visitors

-Henry A. Kissinger’s recommendations

-Heads of state



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept.-08)

-Courtesy calls


-Other foreign officials

-Carlos P. Romulo

-Defense Minister of Turkey

-Lord Chancellor of England

-Diplomatic reception

-State Department

-Attendance by Truman family

-Blair House

-Clifton V. Daniel

-Attendance by Lyndon B. Johnson

-Meeting with the President

-Courtesy calls

-H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman

-J. Bennett Johnson, Jr.

-Allen J. Ellender

-Johnson family


-Aid to Nixon administration

-David M. Abshire

-Assistant Secretary of State


Meeting with William E. Timmons

-Meeting with bipartisan congressional leaders

Bull left at 12:00 pm.