Date: February 7, 1973

Time: 3:10 pm-3:15 pm

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dunlop, George Renercomb, George P. Shultz, John

D. Ehrlichman, Herbert Stein, Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Jack Mahon; the White House

photographer and members of the press were present at the beginning of the meeting.

Dunlop’s oath of office

-President’s appreciation

Importance of assignment

-Phase III and Cost of Living Council [COLC]

-Fight against inflation, taxes

-Dunlop’s gratitude for President’s support

-Fiscal restraint

-Cooperation of labor and management

Dunlop’s qualifications




-Phase II

Dunlop’s appreciation

-Tough job


[General conversation]

-Crawfish [?]


[Photograph session]

[General conversation]



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Mar.-09)



-Tough job


Dunlop, et al., left at 3:15 pm.