Date: February 16, 1973

Time: Unknown between 11:59 am and 12:07 pm

Location: Oval Office

John D. Ehrlichman met with George P. Shultz. This recording began at an unknown time while

the conversation was in progress.

Farm prices

Someone’s trip

Sir Christopher Soames

Cabinet meeting

-International perspectives

-Department responsibilities

-Peter J. Brennan

The President entered at an unknown time after 11:59 am.

Meeting with Brennan

-Travel plans


Labor Department personnel

-Shultz’s previous meeting with Brennan

-Brennan’s management


-George Meany [?]

-Under Secretary

Meany’s note

-Congressional relations

-President’s authority



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Oct.-09)


-Labor support

-Shultz’s conversation with William L. Timmons [?]

-Tax reform



-Tax equity

-Ehrlichman’s role

Shultz’s schedule

Aid to North Vietnam

-Domestic spending

-Congressional responsibility

-Lyndon B. Johnson

-William P. Rogers’s role

-Domestic programs

-Post-war aid to Japan and Germany



The President, Shultz, and Ehrlichman left at 12:07 pm.