Date: March 6, 1973

Time: Unknown between 12:48 pm and 2:40 pm

Location: Oval Office

Two unknown men met.

John D. Ehrlichman [?]

President’s location [?]

Two unknown men left at an unknown time before 2:40 pm.



-Scott, Gerald R. Ford, Hale Boggs, Carl T. Curtis, Henry Bellmon

-Polling numbers compared to President

-Republican Party


-Majority status


-Lack of support for President

Stephen B. Bull entered at an unknown time after 2:40 pm.

President’s briefing to business leaders

-Foreign policy

-Kissinger, William P. Rogers




-Domestic policy


-Foreign policy

-Rogers, Kissinger



-Informing President

-Rogers’s role

-Kenneth W. Clawson

-Bull’s role

Bull left at an unknown time before 3:02 pm.

President’s briefing of business leaders

-Kissinger’s appearance

-Rogers’s appearance



US foreign policy



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