Date: March 6, 1973

Time: 8:20 am – 8:24 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman.

President’s meeting with William E. Timmons

-Items for discussion

-Congressional leaders

-Meetings with President

-Hugh Scott’s request

-President’s availability for meetings with Congress members

-Haldeman’s guidance for Timmons

John D. Ehrlichman’s meeting with Hugh Scott and Gerald R. Ford

-Desire for meetings with President

-Ehrlichman’s opinion of meeting

An unknown man entered at an unknown time after 8:20 am.



Tape Subject Log

(rev. May-2010)

John W. Dean, III


-Meeting with President


The unknown man left at an unknown time before 8:24 am.

Congressional relations

-Chowder and Marching Club, policy group luncheon



-Problems in scheduling

-Meeting with mayors’ group

-Surrogate operation

-Administration’s appeal to people

President’s meetings with Congress members


-Capitol compared with White House

Haldeman left at 8:24 am.