Date: March 8, 1973

Time: Unknown between 12:46 pm and 12:53 pm

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Stephen B. Bull.

President’s speech on crime, drugs

-Final draft

-John D. Ehrlichman


Leslie T. (“Bob”) Hope

-Telephone call

-Meeting with President

Bull left at an unknown time before 12:53 pm.

-John D. Ehrlichman

-Roy L. Ash

-George P. Shultz

-Treasury Department

-Radio speech

-Value [?]

-Ehrlichman’s opinion [?]

Haldeman left at 12:53 pm. Henry A. Kissinger and Analtoliy F. Dobrynin entered at 12:53 pm.

Travel schedules

Leonid I. Brezhnev’s visit to US

-Purpose of meeting

-Dobrynin’s message




-Scheduling conflicts

-Meeting with president

-President’s schedule

-Meeting in San Clemente

-Social visit

-Camp David

-San Clemente


-Compared to Kakeui Tanaka’s state visit

-Hollywood stars


-Embassy of France

-President’s dinner at embassy of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ [USSR]

-State dinner, return dinner

-Reception at San Clemente

-Camp David



-May 1972 Moscow summit

-Dobrynin’s work



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