Date: March 8, 1973

Time: Unknown between 4:36 pm and 4:44 pm

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Stephen B. Bull.

Dentist appointment

Bull left at and Timmons entered at 4:36 pm.

President’s meeting with freshmen Republican Congress members


-Press coverage

-Press conference

-Topics of discussion

-President’s appreciation


-Budget restraints

-Spending ceiling


-Regular meetings

-James Conlan’s efforts

-Congressional budget process

-Congressional Record

-President’s remarks

-Gerald R. Ford



-Need for support


-Help for freshmen

-Lack of experience

Freshmen Republicans

-Timmons’s, John D. Ehrlichman’s meetings


-Special orders



Tape Subject Log

(rev. May-2010)

-Conlan’s leadership

-Vote on vocational rehabilitation

-President’s veto

-Administration’s substitute

-Earl Landgrebe


-Support of freshmen

-Meeting with President



-1972 campaign

-Oliver F. (“Ollie”) Atkins

-Timmons’s impression of group

-Marjorie Holt

-Prince Georges County, MD



-Length of meeting

Timmons left at 4:44 pm.