Date: March 21, 1973

Time: Unknown between 9:15 am and 11:55 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Stephen B. Bull.

President’s schedule

-Meeting with George P. Shultz

John D. Ehrlichman entered at an unknown time after 9:15 am.

President’s schedule


Ehrlichman left and John W. Dean, III entered at 10:12 am.

President’s schedule

-Meeting with Shultz

-President’s departure

-Meeting with Shultz



-Trip to Florida


-H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman


-Rose Mary Woods, Nellie L. Yates

-Law firm

-Cabinet members



Tape Subject Log

(rev. Sept. 2010)

-Family schedule [?]

-Camp David

-Press announcement

-Meeting with Shultz



Bull left at an unknown time before 11:55 am.

[A transcript of the following portion of this conversation may be found in 8 RPC, pp. 79-130;

RG 460, Box 171, 1-126; SRPC, pp. 170-249 (1-79); U.S. vs. Mitchell, Exhibit 12, pp. 00099-

00206 (1-108); SI Pres. Nixon, Bk. I, pp. 51, 78-80, 120, 146-147, 150-155, 158-160, 166-167;

SI, Bk. III, pt. 2, pp. 991-1116 (1-126).]

Haldeman entered at an unknown time, during the transcribed portion.

An unknown man entered and left at an unknown time during the transcribed portion.

[End of transcribed portion]

Haldeman and Dean left at 11:55 am.