Date: April 13, 1973

Time: 11:08 – 11:18 a.m.

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Governors Morie Kimura, Masanou Kaneko, and Taketo Tomono, Vice

Governors Yoshio Ogiyama and Kumashi Kakehashi, Masao Kodama, Masakichi Ogowa,

Richard L. Schneider, Brevard Crihfield, Henry A. Kissinger, Ichiro Nichimura, and Gen. Brent

G. Scowcroft.

Introductions and greetings

Exchange visits

-US Governors’ visit to Japan


-US ­ Japan relations

-Priority for all levels


-Japan’s Prime Minister

-Governor of states

-Cabinet officers


-Closeness to populace

-Kakuei Tanaka




-US assistance



Tape Subject Log

(rev. April-2011)

-Building standards [?]


-Visit to Wisconsin by Japanese Governors

-Amount of hectometers [?]

-Compared to Japanesse farmers

-Current problems


-Japan’s progress

-Balance of payments

-Current concerns

-Ties with US


-Economic competition with US

-Will of Japanese people

-US – Japan relations


Photo opportunity

-Rose Garden

-Crap apple trees

-Japanese flower and garden cultivation

The President, et. al., left at 11:18 am.