Date: April 16, 1973

Time: Unknown between 11:57 am and 12:00 pm

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Stephen B. Bull.

President’s schedule

-Forthcoming events

-Alcoholics Anonymous [AA]

-President of Rotary

-President’s signature [?]

-Recommendation of John D. Ehrlichman and H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman


-Giulio Andreotti’s arrival

-President’s afternoon break


-Meetings with Secretaries and Undersecretaries


-William E. Timmons’s recommendation

-Henry M. (“Scoop”) Jackson, Jacob K. Javits, Abraham A. Ribicoff

-Jewish bipartisan leaders

-Travel for Easter weekend

-Congressional meeting


-Carl B. Albert, Thomas P. (“Tip”) O’Neill, Jr., Gerald R. Ford, Hugh

Scott, Jackson



Tape Subject Log

(rev. September-2011)

-George D. Aiken

-Inclusion in meeting

-J. William Fulbright

-Meeting with Timmons

-Smithsonian Museum of Natural History concert

-Thelma C. (“Pat”) Nixon

-Sanford Fortune [?]

-Reception attendance

-Roy L. Ash

-Film message on energy

-Energy meeting


-Leadership meeting


-Arthur F. Burns


-Burns’s inclusion

-George P. Shultz

-William P. Rogers

-Executive Office Building [EOB]

Bull left at an unknown time before 12:00 pm.