Date: May 16, 1973

Time: Unknown between 4:09 pm and 4:52 pm

Location: Oval Office

[Continued from Conversation No. 919-34]

An unknown portion of the conversation was not recorded while the audiotape reels were


The President met with George P. Shultz.

National economy

-John B. Connally’s views

-Pierre Rinfret’s views

-Phase III

-President’s view

-Herbert G. Stein


-Memorandum to the President



-Phase III

-Static solution

-Compared to administrative process

-President’s meeting with Shultz and John D. Ehrlichman

-Popular perception

-Administrative process

-Congressional actions

-Wage and price system

-Shultz’s meeting with William J. Baroody, Jr.

-John T. Dunlop’s role

-Wage bargaining


-Shultz’s conversations



Tape Subject Log

(rev. August-2011)



-Frank E. Fitzsimmons

-Einar O. E. Mohn



-General Electric [GE] Company


-Consumer Price Index [CPI]

-President’s message

-Price freeze, price controls

-Possible controls

-President’s conversation with Connally


Fiscal Year 1974 budget

-Balanced budget

Shultz left at 4:52 pm.