Date: July 11, 1973

Time: 8:33 am – 8:38 am

Location: Oval Office

The President met with Ronald L. Ziegler.


-Ervin Committee hearings

-John N. Mitchell’s testimony

-News summary

-Networks’ commentary

-John W. Chancellor

-Overriding theme

-Reaction to Mitchell

-Effect on John W. Dean, III’s testimony

-Lack of informing President


-Committee to Re-elect the President [CRP] [?]

-Chancellor, New York Times

-Jules Witcover’s coverage

-Contrasted with granted immunity


-George McGovern

-Witcover’s prose

-President’s appreciation

-White House response

-Kenneth W. Clawson, William J. Baroody, Jr.


-Financial arrangements

-Gordon C. Strachan



Tape Subject Log

(rev. November-2012)

Julie Nixon Eisenhower, [Dwight] David Eisenhower, II

-British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] interview

-Networks’ coverage

-American Broadcasting Company [ABC]

-National Broadcasting Company [NBC]

-Columbia Broadcasting System [CBS]


-President’s reaction

-President’s offer for assistance


-President’s assessment of Julie Nixon Eisenhower and [Dwight] David

Eisenhower, II

-Compared to Cabinet officers

News leads

-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR]’s reaction to US troop movements

-Federal Reserve credit increases

The President and Ziegler left at 8:38 am.