Blake Kernen

Blake Kernen is a published author, political communicator, and nonprofit director; she has worked as a press staffer in the United States Senate since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2022 with her BA in political science and minor in modern middle eastern studies. Blake has been involved with the Nixon Foundation since being mentored by Professor David Eisenhower in her senior year of college and working as his research assistant in his class on Presidential communications. Blake has been passionate about the intersection of politics and communications from a young age, since she published her book “Your Teacher Said What?! Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism” with her father, CNBC’s Joe Kernen, when she was 11 years old. Since then, she has remained involved in politics, working on several political campaigns and communicating Republican values and the legacy of American exceptionalism to young people through social media. Blake has been featured on NBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, and the Today Show — she has also been a keynote speaker at Harvard Business School, Adam Smith Society, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Outside of politics, she also serves on the Executive Board of First Generation Investors, a 501c3 nonprofit that teaches underserved high schoolers how to invest, and enjoys spending time with her family.