A recent commenter of John Taylor’s post on Pat Nixon’s visit to the Vietnam war zone also remembers this historic event. In fact, he was one of the helicopter pilots who transported the President and his party in South Vietnam. The following is the account of CW4 Harry Holzman:


I was one of the six helicopter pilots picked to fly President Nixon’s party when they arrived in Vietnam in 1969. I was a pilot for the 190th AHC stationed at Bien Hoa. We picked up the President and his party at the airport in Saigon and flew him to the South Vietnam Presidential palace. From there two helicopters, including mine , flew him to Dian to visit the 1st INF Division. Mrs Nixon flew to visit an orphanage near Long Bien. We flew in UH-1 Hueys from our unit. This was one of the only times a President flew in a single engine aircraft.We had very good security. I am finally retiring from the Army next month with over 41 years of service. I was very proud that day to be able to fly with the President.