On April 14, I sent the following letter wto the Los Angeles Times. Unless I missed it, the letter has not been published, which indicates the errors the Times made in a previous article will be left uncorrected:

To the Editor:

Tina Daunt wrote many accurate and marvelous statements about Charlton Heston in “Remembering Heston, a Maverick” with one important exception: Daunt wrote that Heston “opposed the Vietnam War, but his personal politics began to move in a conservative direction when his friend Ronald Reagan won the presidency.” Charlton Heston supported the U.S. Vietnam policy from the Kennedy administration forward. He narrated films of the United States Information Agency in support of U.S. policy in Vietnam from “The Five Cities of June” during the Kennedy Administration, which was nominated for an Academy Award in the short documentary category, through a feature documentary, “Vietnam! Vietnam!” with John Ford as Executive Producer during the Nixon Administration. In addition, Charlton Heston visited our troops in South Vietnam any number of times during those years of the war without publicity.

Bruce Herschensohn

Editor’s note: Bruce is a public affairs commentator, author, Pepperdine University professor, and former special assistant to President Nixon. We thank him for allowing us to publish his letter.