Over at The New York Times last week the Editors of the Sunday Book Review must have been faced with a terrible dilemma.
Having chosen (a suitable and interesting choice) George W. Will to review Rick Perlstein’s new anti-Nixon book Nixonland, which focuses on America during the period 1964-1972; and having received from Mr. Will a deliciously acerbic Nixon-phobic review of 2,572 words; and having published it prominently (and with a suitably creepy illustration) on the Review‘s front page; they were also in receipt of a short email from Mr. Will in which, apropos the assignment, he continued to bash 37 for another 83 words.

Of course the best way to fight temptation is to give in to it, and the Editors print Mr. Will’s email in the first available space: the “Up Front” section on page 4.