Here on the east coast there is still a short time left of the fortieth anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination on 6 June 1968.
Earlier this evening I was listening to C-SPAN radio’s excellent omnibus program: Press Secretary Frank Mankiewicz’ brief announcement of the Senator’s death; Senator Edward Kennedy’s memorable and moving eulogy in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 8 June; a short interview with RFK’s biographer Evan Thomas when his book was published in 2002; and an oral history interview conducted by Anthony Lewis.

The hour-long interview was recorded at a favorite Kennedy family venue —the Carlyle Hotel in New York— on 4 December 1964, a month after RFK had been elected to the Senate. Tony Lewis, a reporter for The New York Times, was close to the Kennedy brothers. Burke Marshall, who had been Chief of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department while RFK was Attorney General, was also present.

This program can be found here. It is fascinating history and great radio.