A few quick takes:
On page 155, Nixonland refers to the “Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.” For over a century, the name of the organization has been the National Republican Congressional Committee.

On page 185, it mentions “Paul A. Fino, the antibusing congressman from Queens.” He was from the Bronx, as it acknowledges on p. 277.

On page 199, it refers to Connecticut Senator Thomas A. Dodd (father of Chris Dodd) as a “conservative,” so as to make his sponsorship of gun-control legislation sound all the more remarkable. This one is a judgment call, as there is no universal definition of “conservative.” But through 1967, the Americans for Democratic Action had given him an average rating of 67 percent. And his score from AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education had averaged 85 percent. Few would describe these scores as the mark of a conservative.