Here it is. No other interpretation seems possible.
From the publisher’s description it doesn’t sound like a fun filled or instructional base is left uncovered. Who could be better qualified to write a book for the 4-8 year old set than Washington legend Helen Thomas, whose deft touch and marvelous sense of humor need no introduction. It’s hard to imagine anyone so grouchy that they won’t be captivated by her account of high jinks in the corridors of power:

A hilarious adventure starring the First Kid.

Sam’s mom is president. That means he gets to play in the Oval Office (which is pretty cool), but it also means his busy mom has him under constant Secret Service surveillance (which sounds cool, but isn’t). So Sam and his best friends, Warren the cat and Leonard the ex-NASA lab rat, hatch a daring plan: They’ll bust out of the White House and take a grand tour of their historic hometown. The tour is a blast, until Sam begins to miss his home and family . . . and a kite-flying fiasco lands the trio on the Washington Monument (literally). An effective rescue mission would mean calling in several prominent troops—so it’s a good thing the president’s been paying attention all along!

Perfect for election season, White House is sure to keep readers entertained long after the polls have closed.