Nixonland  (p. 521) notes that men on a movie crew were hostile to Jane Fonda “not merely for her anti-war stand but for her defiance of feminine convention:  she had stopped wearing makeup.  Wrote William F. Buckley: “She must never even look into the mirror anymore.'”
Nixonland misquotes the Buckley line and misplaces it in 1970.  Here is what Buckley actually wrote in 1972:

But of course, ignorance is an instrument of oppression deployed by  the bourgeois classes, and Miss Fonda, who last week termed Richard Nixon “a very serious traitor” will not surrender her vast investment in it . She is Miss Grim, walking about the world hectoring American institutions with what one writer has characterized as her “solemn, Red Guard face,” never smiling, never laughing, never, obviously looking into the mirror.

Buckley was not talking about cosmetics, but about her self-important sermonizing.