So far as I know, Britney Spears has yet to officially respond regarding her fleeting appearance in the McCain campaign’s “Celebrity” ad.  But Paris Hilton has now spoken. And did she ever speak.  Larry King’s appearance in her video leads me to think that guessing the subject of his show tonight is an easy thing to do.
And in other pop-culture news, Lou Teicher, who with Arthur Ferrante constituted one of the top-selling instrumental acts of the 1960s and 1970s (also performing at the White House for Presidents Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan) has died at age 83.  Here is the duo, complete with their trademark back-to-back grands, black-rimmed glasses, and lavish black hair, performing their 1969 hit “Theme From Midnight Cowboy,” minus, unfortunately, Vincent Bell’s famed “underwater guitar” intro and that seductive harpsichord (which, however, can be heard here).