……shouldn’t be visited on the children. Much less the grandchildren.
Just because granddad’s gig was an unmitigated disaster for the entire world doesn’t mean that you’re disqualified from giving it a go in your own time.

That’s why I think that the notion of Caroline Kennedy’s appointment as President Obama’s Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s is capital. Absolutely top drawer. There’s no reason why an intelligent, sophisticated, poised, wealthy woman shouldn’t be a great success as the chatelaine of Winfield House.

So the idea is good. But leaking it now strikes me as just a tad premature.

I know that Ms. Kennedy, both as a speaker and as the head of the trio-turned-duo that is vetting Senator Obama’s prospective veep, is going to be in the spotlight next week in Denver. And I have no doubt that she will make a typically modest and excellent impression.

But at a time when the Obama campaign has been reining things in after what many —even many on his side— considered to be the presumptuousness of his recent foray in Western European, why is it sliding back into counting chickens mode?