Tonight on ABC tonight, Frank Langella, thanks to his performance as RN in Frost/Nixon, is on the 2008 roster of Barbara Walters’ annual selection of the year’s 10 Most Fascinating People.

To be sure, the Langella oeuvre is extensive and impressive. But there is no doubt that this newly-minted septuagenarian three-time Tony Award winner’s career is enjoying a renaissance thanks to his “role of a lifetime” as the 37th POTUS.

The runners up are known to include Tom Cruise, Rush Limbaugh, Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Michael Phelps, and Miley Cyrus. But the identity of the most important person of 2008 will only be announced by Ms. Walters on the program tonight.  So if Fr. Taylor isn’t seen around the Library today……  

(Above: Art Imitates Life.  Frank Langella in a scene from the new Ron Howard film Frost/Nixon, filmed at the NIxon Library in Yorba Linda last summer.  The replicated East Room of the White House and the real Marine One were used as locations for the events of 9 August 1974.)