This review by Philip Kennicott takes note of how, as I noted earlier at TNN, Ron Howard’s film emphasizes the “giant-killer” theme – though Kennicott emphasizes the similarity to the Shakespearean treatment of history rather than the horror and science-fiction variations on the theme which the film evokes and which I discussed previously.
This weekend, after opening impressively in New York and Los Angeles, Frost/Nixon opened in a few dozen more cities, including Washington, where, until Christmas, it is playing only at the AMC theater in Georgetown – given the film’s overall treatment of RN, a smart choice.  (In New York, it played at the Loew’s in Lincoln Center, on the Upper West Side – again, a well-selected venue, given that many of the neighborhood’s residents, like those in Georgetown, loath RN but are still obsessed enough by him to readily spend $12.50 on a ticket.)