In 1968, February 2nd was a Friday — the day, forty-one years ago, on which RN officially declared his candidacy for POTUS.   In RN, he wrote: “I began my second campaign for the presidency with a press conference on the afternoon of February 2, 1968, in the Holiday Inn at Manchester, New Hampshire.  I came to the microphones and announced, ‘Gentlemen, this is not my last press conference.'”
Over the next few days targeted mailings arrived at the homes of supporters across New Hampshire.  Inside each envelope was a folded-over card on heavy stock.  On the front was a greeting:

Best Wishes from

The Richard Nixons

Feb. 3, 1968, Manchester, N.H.

Inside was a family photograph and facsimile autographs.  In some cases (as below) RN and/or PN would personalize personalize them. On the back, in small print, was the legend: “Auth. & Pd. for by Information Committee for Nixon…Herbart Kalmbach, Treasurer.”