Jeremy Young, a doctoral student in history at Indiana University and the founder of, offers this observation after reporting the rejection by the American Historical Review of Peter D. Klingman’s paper about Stanley I. Kutler’s Abuse Of Power:

The issues Klingman raised about Kutler’s scholarship are not going away. Klingman’s article, or another one making similar claims, will probably be accepted for publication in a journal fairly soon. After that’s published, readers will be able to judge for themselves the validity of the allegations against Kutler, and the profession will come to some sort of informal collective decision. Kutler’s not just getting off the hook because Klingman screwed up […] He’s going to have to confront these allegations in a serious fashion[…]

Update: Maarja Krusten, who often contributes thoughtful and well-informed comments to TNN, and who worked with the White House recordings at the National Archives for many years, has written a new article for History News Network describing the long and complex process by which the recordings have been made available to historians, researchers and the public — a process still far from complete.