In his attack in today’s Daily Beast on the critics of Stanley I. Kutler’s book Abuse Of Power, John Dean informs the world that in the wake of the much-discussed New York Times article on the subject, he has decided that the time has come to republish his long out-of-print book Blind Ambition, with a new afterword to counter Watergate “revisionism.”  (And, if the stars are right, the reissue’s cover just might feature the beatific features of Brad Pitt, with Gwyneth Paltrow sporting a platinum bun in the background.)
It may be worth Dean’s while, when preparing his afterword, to consult the mp3s of original White House recordings which Dr. Luke Nichter of Tarleton State University has posted at the very informative site  These include the March 16, 1973 recordings which have been the focus of so much online discussion in the last few days.  Indeed, I invite any TNN readers interested in the subject to obtain a copy of Abuse Of Power (available at Amazon for as little as $4.12, including postage) and compare his transcripts to what can actually be heard on the mp3s.  It will be an illuminating experience.