Bo, the FPOTUS (First Pooch Of The United States), is clearly going to thrive in Washington — he already has his own White House website.

AP Obama Promised Puppy

The hypoallergenic puppy is already a savvy pol — having covered bases from the Kennedys to the animal shelter advocates (via a contribution to the D. C. Humane Society).  He is named in honor of the First Lady’s father, who was nicknamed Bo in honor of Bo Diddley. WaPo provides a slide show of presidential pets. Bo is the inheritor of a distinguished tradition that includes FDR’s “little dog Fala” —


and the Nixon Family’s mini-menagerie of King Timahoe (Irish Setter), Vicky (Poodle) and Pasha (Yorkshire Terrier) —

but does not include the Fala-famous Checkers (1952-1964) —


— who didn’t live to see his family in the White House.