A standing room only crowd was at Barnes & Noble in Prescott Arizona for a book signing by Ed Nixon, the youngest brother of RN. In Friday’s addition of the local paper, the Daily Courier; Ed Nixon said that he decided to include Prescott in his book tour as a tribute to his older brother Harold Nixon. Harold Nixon passed away from TB in Prescott in 1933. An event that Edward Nixon says changed Richard Nixon’s life.

The book signing opened with a brief presentation by Mr. Nixon about his memories of Prescott, and reflections on RNs influence in his life. He stressed the importance of family in the influence that his parents had on all of his brothers and him. He also mentioned that the impetus for the book was his brother, Donald. In 1986, Donald who was on his deathbed, admonished his younger brother Edward to take over writing a book about their family. As Ed noted, his other brother was busy writing his own books… All of these things are explained in great detail in the book.

“The Nixons” is an important book for Nixon’s scholarship. Apart from Julie Nixon Eisenhower’s book, “Pat Nixon: The Untold Story”, and the oral history collection entitled “Young Nixon”; there is precious little writing concerning that important period in the life and times of Richard Nixon. By writing “The Nixons”, history and those who are interested in RN owe his youngest brother a debt of gratitude.