TNN reader Tom van Oosterom recently emailed our master of ceremonies Jonathan Movroydis after he and his wife saw the Frost/Nixon DVD, and observed that (comments in brackets are mine):

[W]atching the DVD extras…one historical fact seems to have passed [up] by Ron Howard. Interestingly enough, Nixon’s “Final Press Conference” [of “you won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore” fame] was given at the very same Beverly Hilton Hotel where David Frost stayed while preparing and conducting the Nixon interviews. In fact some of the routes that the character of David Frost walked in the movie were caught on film when Nixon left the “final” press conference, walked through the hotel, shook hands with a worker at the front desk, proceeded outside ([from] the back of the hotel) and hopped in a car that then drove away. [Mr. van Oosterom saw this footage in PBS’s American Experience special about RN.]

It would have been fun if Ron Howard had picked up on this historic parallel, compared footage, etc.