No  one ever accused RN of perfection.  Throughout his career, reporters and cartoonists dwelt on his mistakes, his quirks, even his physical flaws: recall Garry Wills’s long, bizarre description of his face in Nixon Agonistes. As Eamon Javers wryly notes in Politico, the current president has a different image:

Let’s be honest: Barack Obama is better than you are.

He’s a better father — taking breaks from running the world to cheer on his daughters at soccer and basketball games.

He’s a better husband — zipping his wife off for dinner in New York and Paris.

He’s got a better diet — nibbling on vegetables from his homegrown garden to keep his love handles in check.

And he’s got a terrific jump shot.

You? Not so much.

Accordingly, let me suggest a theme song for President Obama.  Click here.