There is a new addition to the national Pronunciation Wars.
Nuclear (nuculer), Taliban (talleyban), and Pakistan (pockistan)* are now joined by Sotomayor.  She says “Soto-my-or”; many say “Soto-may-or.”

Among the many is Chief Justice John Roberts.  During Associate Justice Sotomayor’s swearing in ceremony at the Supreme Court yesterday, the Chief Justice consistently mispronounced his new colleague’s name.  (As did, for example, the C-SPAN announcer —who adopted the Chief Justice’s pronunciation— introducing and wrapping up the ceremony.)

For the media it represents a lack of attention to detail and a diminished demand for accuracy.  In the Chief Justice’s case, it’s an example of the vital importance of good advance work.

*There has been significant Pockistan creep over the last several months, as President Obama’s consistency has slowly worn down media correspondents and commentators. It’s like watching the Grand Canyon being formed, drop by drop.