The New York Times continues to chronicle the election of Ed Cox as the Chairman of the New York State Republican Party.  That was unanimously accomplished this morning at a meeting in Albany.

The Nixon family took center stage at the state Republican Party’s conference on Tuesday, as county leaders gathered to elect Edward F. Cox, Richard Nixon’s son-in-law, as the party’s new state chairman.

Mr. Cox’s wife, Tricia Nixon Cox, was in attendance and hard to miss in a fire-engine red ensemble. So was the couple’s son, Christopher Nixon Cox, who ran John McCain’s New York campaign alongside his father and will most likely have some role in the state party.

“We will rebuild our party, and we will win elections,” Mr. Cox said in his speech to the gathering. He promised to win back one Congressional seat and retake a majority in the State Senate, and even raised Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as a Democratic bogeyman.

During the 2008 presidential election, Christopher Cox, RN’s grandson, served as the  Executive Director of the McCain campaign’s New York operations.


Hard to miss: the Coxes yesterday in Albany, New York, where Ed was named State GOP Chairman.