During my visit to the Nixon Library in September, Sandy Quinn peppered our conversation with various expressions that all basically said the same thing: “You really need to talk to Frank Gannon.” Since then I have dialogued with Frank via email, punctuated by the occasional telephone chat.
But today I had the chance to spend a few hours with Frank, and all I can say is that Sandy Quinn was of course, very right. Frank made his way out to Fairfax today and I had the chance to show him around Fair Oaks Church. He was drawn to the bookshelves laden with, well, books – then he was off, from subject to subject, this to that, anecdote upon anecdote, and I couldn’t get enough.


It was a bright spot on a very rainy day here in Northern Virginia. We made our way to a local eatery and continued the conversation over wonderful crab cakes. Then, all too soon, it was back to work.

Thanks, Frank – and thanks to Sandy Quinn for the idea.