Forty years ago today, on 2 December 1969, RN signed House and Senate bills dealing with the preservation of presidential homes and birthplaces.

60 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH: 27 was born here on 15 September 1857.

250 Eisenhower Farm Drive, Gettysburg, PA: 34 lived here from 1951 until his death in 1969.

Johnson City, TX: 36 was born here on 27 August 1908

Statement on Signing Bills for the Preservation of Presidential Birthplaces and Homes. December 2, 1969

WE HAVE DEVELOPED a tradition of preserving the birthplaces and homes of our Presidents to commemorate their dedication and service to the Nation and to serve as a tangible symbol and inspiration for present and future generations of Americans. Today we have an unprecedented opportunity to do honor simultaneously to three American Presidents–William Howard Taft, Dwight David Eisenhower, and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

The legislation I am approving carries this tradition forward in three steps. H.R. 7066 and S. 2000 will preserve and establish as national historic sites the birthplaces and boyhood homes of President Taft in Cincinnati, Ohio, and President Johnson in Johnson City, Texas. S.J. Res. 26 will authorize the necessary funds to preserve and develop President Eisenhower’s home and farm at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, already established as a national historic site.

The approval of these three measures will now make these American homes as much a part of the Nation’s history as are the achievements of the men who occupied them. I am sure everyone will understand my very special personal feeling at being able to pay such a tribute to President Eisenhower, with whom I was privileged to work closely for many years and for whom I will always have the deepest affection and admiration.

Some other presidential birthplaces that are historical sites and/or part of presidential libraries:

The Manse in Staunton, VA: 22 was born here on 28 December 1856.

Lamar, MO: 33 was born here on 8 May 1884.

Brookline, MA: 35 was born here on 29 May 1917.

Hope, AR: 42 was born here on 19 August 1946.

Yorba Linda, CA: 37 was born here on 9 January 1913.