Among the guests at the recent Nixon Center’s 2010 National Policy Conference in Washington were a Yorba Linda contingent: Nixon Foundation Board Chairman Kris Elftmann and his wife Linda, and Board member Hubert Perry.
As an undergraduate in the early 1930s, Mr. Perry played football for Chief Newman at Whittier College. Mostly, as he says, he warmed the bench with his fellow Poet and classmate Dick Nixon. Another thing Perry and Nixon shared was the year of their birth: 1913.

Hubert Perry’s father was Herman Perry, the manager of the Bank of America’s Whittier branch and head of the 12th District Republican Party’s 1946 congressional candidate search committee — the famous Committee of 100.

It was Herman Perry’s letter to his son’s good friend —now finishing up his Navy service in Maryland— that began RN’s political career.

RN’s calling card from the 1946 campaign.

Top Photo: Kris Elftmann and Hubert Perry take a Potbelly break from the heady fare at the Nixon Center’s annual National Policy Conference in downtown Washington, D.C..