Nixon family, friends, administration alumni, and Foundation supporters gathered at the President and First Lady’s home in San Clemente on Friday evening for an unforgettable poolside dinner and anecdotes from those who knew them best.
Allergan and Roger’s Gardens founder Gavin Herbert – who bought La Casa Pacifica from the Nixons in the late 1980’s – talked about how he first volunteered as a gardener for the President and remembered Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev’s visit there following Summit II at Camp David.

Ken Khachigian, a longtime aide to President Nixon, recalled working with the President on his memoirs and preparing him for his interviews with British broadcaster David Frost following the 1974 resignation.

“It was a great time of distress after Watergate,” Khachigian said, “but RN always said never get down.”

Giving a toast to the Nixons and closing out the evenings remarks was Nixon Foundation President Ron Walker.

“It’s so special to have all of you here,” Walker told the guests, “President Nixon and Mrs. Nixon would both be very pleased.”