Edward Nixon returned to the Nixon Library on Tuesday to portray his older brother and America’s 37th President, Richard Nixon. Nixon told kids about his family’s humble origins and growing up with his three older brothers in Whittier, California.
“We may have been poor, but as President Eisenhower used to say, ‘you didn’t know it,’ said Nixon, “and we proceeded on to do things in our own way. Each of us needed our own life mission. “

Nixon went on to explain that his life mission was in the state of Washington, where he would make a career as a geologist. But he never forgot important personal advice from his older brother.

He “was a person who looked at everybody as someone who needed to interact,” said Nixon, an important attribute for people “to prove their thinking” and to “carry their objectives to the nth degree.”

Mr. Nixon’s presentation also included rare video footage of the Nixon family and never told stories of their life in Southern California.

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Watch Edward Nixon’s full remarks below:

[youtube https://youtu.be/IP5CGKzXRYI]